Our English section has been created specifically to teach English to professionals. 

Do you wish to improve the way you communicate with your international partners? Do you want to learn how to use Business English correctly and efficiently and to express yourself with ease? Do you think that it would be better to understand your international clients when they talk with you in English? Meetings, presentations, emails, visits, negotiations, conference calls ...the situations are many and we can help you get better quicker and permanently.


Our English language trainers all have vast experience working in an international environment, so not only can they teach you the English that you will need, they also understand the world of business and the constraints that entails. 


We have created a method that uses a series of shortcuts that helps the learner, no matter their starting level, to be able to progress rapidly and efficiently - and to do so in such as way that they will continue to learn even when they are not in class.


We work with you to find the training solution that best suits the needs of the learner, whether it is an intensive 5 day course or a series of micro-courses based on specific subjects. It could be a series of Skype conference calls or more traditional in-house courses with homogenous groups. All our courses, however, will be rooted in your real world and be interactive so that the learner will be able to use what they have learned immediately. 

To discover some of the courses we offer, download our brochure on our English course programme

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Course suggestions

  • English with preparation for TOEIC and other qualifications
  • English for jobs (legal, financial, HR, sales & marketing etc)
  • Business English
  • English for communication and working with the media
  • Translation